"I get my very own guardian angel? What, exactly, is your job description?"

Hush, Hush
"in the book they describe nora with good legs what does this means? skinny legs or?" - Anonymous

Good-looking legs, I guess lol
I think a good representation of Nora’s body would be Troian Bellisario’s body.


That’s probably how Nora’s legs are lol 

"Wait so there will for sure be a movie?" - chickencatparty

Yep. We already have a script. 

"Wait so Im confused: will the fans actually get to audition for the movie?!" - Anonymous

Anyone who wants to can try auditioning for the movie. That’s normal :B

Becca invites fans for the book fair in Argentina (x)

"where is the information about auditions going to be announced?" - Anonymous

We dunno. Maybe Becca’s site or LD’s. Don’t worry, auditions are not scheduled to start yet.

"Is the premiere this year?" - sve--je--protiv--nas

No, honey. Filming is far from beginning, so the premiere won’t be anytime soon.

"i want to audition for the movie but i don't know how!? what do i do?" - Anonymous

Auditions have not started yet. But, I believe when it does start, some information about that will be announced.

"how do you know that the pronunciation of cipriano is "kipriano" , instead of having sound "c"" - imahusher

Jenn, Becca’s assistant, said so. 

"The casting from hush hush are what you post yesterday? Are not they old to that?" - foundloveinthedictionary

You mean the posters I reblogged yesterday? No. There is no cast yet. Those posters are only fan mades.