"I get my very own guardian angel? What, exactly, is your job description?"

Hush, Hush
"You said Noras birthday is August 15th, but I'm pretty sure it's June 20th cuz I remember her birthday being a few days away from mine." - Anonymous

I dont think it’s mentioned in the books when her birthday is. Anyway, I said august 15th because it’s when fans celebrate it. 
Do you remember in which book do we get that information?

"in the book they describe nora with good legs what does this means? skinny legs or?" - Anonymous

Good-looking legs, I guess lol
I think a good representation of Nora’s body would be Troian Bellisario’s body.


That’s probably how Nora’s legs are lol 

"Wait so there will for sure be a movie?" - chickencatparty

Yep. We already have a script. 

"Wait so Im confused: will the fans actually get to audition for the movie?!" - Anonymous

Anyone who wants to can try auditioning for the movie. That’s normal :B

Becca invites fans for the book fair in Argentina (x)

"where is the information about auditions going to be announced?" - Anonymous

We dunno. Maybe Becca’s site or LD’s. Don’t worry, auditions are not scheduled to start yet.

"Is the premiere this year?" - sve--je--protiv--nas

No, honey. Filming is far from beginning, so the premiere won’t be anytime soon.

"i want to audition for the movie but i don't know how!? what do i do?" - Anonymous

Auditions have not started yet. But, I believe when it does start, some information about that will be announced.

"how do you know that the pronunciation of cipriano is "kipriano" , instead of having sound "c"" - im-a-husher

Jenn, Becca’s assistant, said so.